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June 2017

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 24/25 JUNE 2017

You may or may not have heard, Silverstone GP is only 2 grids, 58 cars per grid.  In view of this, please don’t leave it too late to enter.   This could be your chance of creating a NEW Class Lap Record on the Silverstone GP Circuit, one that will stand for a long time, especially as the chance of racing on the GP circuit is not a common occurrence.  A record you could hold for many years.   There are enough members to cover every class in every Championship so it would be good to get every slot with a time in it.


112 AUG 2017

Entries are now open……   Enter via the CTCRC Website – Entry is £249, non CTCRC members weekend membership is £15.  If you wish to race a second car or championship, its only £75 extra.  Don’t leave it too late   ‘AUTOSPORT’ are covering the event and the CTCRC are in the process of making arrangements to record the event for a DVD with the possibility of TV coverage too.  This is still early days, and the committee will keep you all updated with progress.   Pre66 and Pre83 will have their own grids.   Classic Thunder are welcome to run in the ‘All Comers’ race with the ‘Special Saloons’ that are racing with us as special guests.  (Please remember – This is not a CTCRC CLASSIC THUNDER championship round)   You can arrive at the track on Friday lunch time onwards, however you must depart by 10AM Sunday morning.



3 & 4 JUNE 2017

The CTCRC have been invited to attend the Coventry speed Fest.  Ex BTCC – Dave Pinkney ‘Pink’ Vento will be on display on the CTCRC stand.  (If any other CTCRC should wish to take part, please contact Ian Fowler ASAP )

If you are attending, please don’t forget to visit the clubs stand and show your support to the CTCRC Coventry MotoFest is a free motoring based festival for the whole family. Cars, motorcycles, live music, trucks, buses, films, stock cars, armoured vehicles, taxis, art, stalls, design, education, prototypes, engineering, and even some bicycles take part. In short, if it’s got something to do with transport, has a connection to the City of Coventry and probably involves an engine in some way, it’ll be here.

There’s always so much going on, and quite simply everything is free to attend.

Regards The CTCRC Committee