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The V-TEC Direct CTCRC Pre-2003 Saloon Car Championship

CTCRC Pre2003 Cars

The CTCRC Pre-2003 Touring Car Series is for competitors participating in two-wheel drive, four-seat saloon/hatchback or coupé cars marketed between 1st January 1993 and 31st December 2002 of which more than 5000 examples were manufactured in any 12 month period during the overall production run between these dates.

Details are as follows:

Engine: 2.0 with 1mm overbore all engine mods are free execpt no turbos nor superchargers.
Gearbox: Free, but must use original type castings. Sequential gearboxes are prohibited.
Brakes: Free, but must use ferrous type discs.
Suspension: Free, rose joints allowed.
Tyres: free slicks allowed

The Class Structure is as follows:

Class A 0 to 2,000cc (with multiple throttle bodies)
Class B 0 to 2,000cc (with single throttle body)
Class X Invitation Class

CTCRC Pre2003 Cars