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Toyo Tires Pre 2005 Production Touring Car Series

CTCRC Pre2005 Cars

The CTCRC Pre-2005 Production Saloon Championship is one of the cheapest ways in to saloon car racing in the UK!

The Series is for competitors participating in two-wheel drive, four-seat saloon/hatchback or coupé cars marketed in the UK between 1st January 1993 and 31st December 2004 of which more than 5000 examples were manufactured in any 12 month period during the overall production run and/or were homologated by FIA for competition in Group N category for production cars between these dates.

All cars are subject to approval of eligibility by the CTCRC Committee. Cars not complying with these regulations may be allowed to run in the invitation class subject to CTCRC Committee approval.

Details are as follows:

Cars run original body shape with no extra spoilers. You have to run standard alloys, wrapped in a controlled tyre (Toyo proxies R888).
The only modifications allowed are coil over suspension and grooved or drilled discs, with standard brake callipers.
Engine modifications are restricted to changing the air filter to an induction kit. Please note that Ram induction kits are not allowed.
The cars are only allowed to run 110% of the original factory output.
You have to keep the standard exhaust manifold and catalytic converter but you can change the rest of the exhaust system to a race exhaust.
You will have to retain the original glass. Perspex is not permitted.
Finally you have to retain the original fuel tank in its original position.
The normal safety features such as roll cage and fire extinguisher and seat are the only other things you need.

The Class Structure is as follows:

To keep the racing close the classes are split into BHP

Class C up to 140 BHP
Class B 140 - 160 BHP
Class A over 160 BHP

Please contact :

Andy Johnson
Email :andy.johnson@classictouringcars.com
Phone: 07814 052 142

CTCRC Pre2005 Cars