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CTCRC Jaguar Challenge

CTCRC Jaguar Challenge is open to a wide range of Jaguar built and marketed Saloon and GT cars from the 1960’s through to the Millennium.

Jaguar racing cars in action

The championship offers entry level club racing and caters for a spectrum of budgets from modified road cars through the classes to fully modified race cars. Equal championship points are awards to the winner of each class providing the opportunity for someone with the smallest budget the chance to win the championship. Classes are not determined entirely by engine size or weight but largely by the level of modification and tuning. Jaguar XJS & XK8 models are deemed GT Cars with some Trophies being awarded for Saloons and separately for GT’s as well as for each class.

Jaguar Racing Championship
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Stuart Caie

The ​class ​structure is as follows:

Class A

Standard Saloon & GT 

Class B

Standard Modified Saloon & GT 

Class C

Modified Saloon & GT Cars

Class D

Fully Modified Saloon & GT Cars

Class I


Competition Secretary: 
Colin Gibbons
Jaguar racing cars in action
Jaguar racing cars in action