​Blue Oval Saloon Series

The Blue Oval Saloon Series is for competitors participating in Saloon, Coupe, Hatchback or Estate cars manufactured by the Ford Motor Company that are designed to carry at least four people, based on the standard fibreglass or steel production shell and which were marketed before 1st January 2013. All cars are subject to the approval of eligibility by the Championship Organisers but cars not complying with these regulations.

BOSS Touring Car Championship
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The ​car specifications are as follows:

Engine: ​The engine block and cylinder head must be manufactured by the Ford Motor Company or by another company to copy the original Ford unit.

Gearbox: Only gearbox casings produced by the Ford Motor Company, ZF, Borg Warner or Getrag are permitted.Squential gearbox permitted only in N/A cars.

Brakes: Brake systems are free provided that Championship Regulations are respected.

Suspension: Suspension springs are free. Spring platforms may be adjustable.

Tyres: Any tyre from the 1a/1b/1c List

The ​class ​structure is as follows:

Class A2

Over 2150cc Turbo
​2300cc onwards N/A

​Including ALL Cosworth models and ANY vehicle using Millington engines.
The Cosworth turbo unit except cars with four-wheel drive.

Class​ B

​1,701cc to 2300cc
​Including Escort and Fiesta Turbo models
Duratec Non Turbo and 3000cc v6 12v Non Turbo

Class ​​C

​​1,299cc to 1,700cc

Class ​D

​​1,299cc to 1,700cc

​Cars Running to Group N specification in accordance with the technical regulations set out in the FIA Yearbook (Yellow Book). Cars must comply with all aspects of Group N except for modifications specifically allowed by these regulations.