​Pre66 Classic Saloon & Historic Touring Cars

The Classic Saloon and Historic Touring Car Championship is for competitors participating in four-seater saloon cars marketed before 1st January 1966.

Eligible cars are those complying with these regulations or any vehicle complying with the FIA Appendix K regulations for the current year and eligible for participation in the FIA Historic Touring Car Championship.

The acceptance of a particular vehicle as being of saloon configuration and eligibility is subject to the approval of the Championship Organisers on an annual basis.

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The ​car specifications are as follows:

GearBox: The gearbox is free provided that it is from the same manufacturer and type as originally fitted by the manufacturer and that Championship Regulations are respected.

Suspension mounting points:a. The original suspension mounting points shall be used without modification.b. It is not permitted to modify the original location / dimensions of suspension mounting points.

Tyres: The only permitted tyres are the from the MSA 2019 List 1A and Dunlop C65 , 204 Compound.

Engine: All engine components are free providing the requirements of Championship Regulation Section are respected.

The ​class ​structure is as follows:

Class A ​Over 2,700cc
Class ​B ​1,601 up to 2,700cc
Class ​C

1,276 up to 1,600ccAll Cooper derived Mini’sMini over 1270ccMini – 970SMini – 1071S

Class ​D ​1001cc up to 1,275cc
Class ​E ​0 to 1000cc
Class ​F

​Lotus Cortina ​(see Technical Regulation 5.2.3 and 5.7.2)