Pre66 Classic Saloon & Historic Touring Cars

Four-seater saloon cars marketed before 1st January 1966.

The Classic Saloon and Historic Touring Car Championship is for competitors participating in four-seater saloon cars marketed before 1st January 1966.

Eligible cars are those complying with these regulations or any vehicle complying with the FIA Appendix K regulations for the current year and eligible for participation in the FIA Historic Touring Car Championship.

The acceptance of a particular vehicle as being of saloon configuration and eligibility is subject to the approval of the Championship Organisers on an annual basis.

The car specifications are as follows:

The gearbox is free provided that it is from the same manufacturer and type as originally fitted by the manufacturer and that Championship Regulations are respected.

Suspension mounting points:
a. The original suspension mounting points shall be used without modification.
b. It is not permitted to modify the original location / dimensions of suspension mounting points.

a. The only permitted tyres are from the MOTORSPORT UK Yearbook 2021 (L)4 list 1A
b. The Dunlop CR65. 204 compound is allowed.

All engine components are free providing the requirements of Championship Regulation Section are respected.

Pre66 Touring Car Championship
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Paul Cooper

The ​class ​structure is as follows:

Class A

Over 2,700cc

Class B

​1,601 up to 2,700cc

Class C

1,276 up to 1,600cc
All Cooper derived Mini’s
Mini over 1270cc
Mini – 970S
Mini – 1071S

Class D

​1001cc up to 1,275cc

Class E

0 to 1000cc

Class F

​Lotus Cortina ​(see Technical Regulation 5.2.3 and 5.7.2)

CTCRC Pre66 Championship Mini
CTCRC Pre66 Championship Ford Cortina