Driving Standards and Conduct


Below are general guidelines of what is expected; however, each incident will be considered on its own merits.

  • Overtaking – the onus is on the overtaking car to pass safely – the driver should not expect the vehicle in front to give way if the car attempting to overtake has not gained (without contact and whilst under control) sufficient overlap. Sufficient overlap will usually be deemed to be that the vehicle attempting to overtake is at least 50% alongside the car being overtaken. If the two cars are overlapped, or side by side when entering a corner, each competitor must give racing room so both can take the corner without contact. The overtaking vehicle must be completely clear of the overtaken car before attempting to move back in front. Allowances should be made for less experienced drivers, and less experienced drivers should use their mirrors to be fully aware of a faster vehicle approaching and making a pass.
  • Contact – is not acceptable – “rubbing” is not racing (at least not in UK motorsport). A high standard of driving is expected. Any contact brought to the attention of the Clerk (via Race Control or a Competitor) will be investigated. Be aware of cars around you by the use of your mirrors. If a competitor gains an unfair advantage through contact caused by them, they should surrender that advantage before the end of the lap.
  • Defence of a position – weaving, using the full width of the track, is not permitted. In a race, more than one change of direction to defend a position against another car is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended their position off-line, must leave at least one car width between their vehicle and the white line at the edge of the track. Any sudden or late change of direction that creates a potentially dangerous situation is also not permitted.
  • Gaining an Advantage (Under Yellow Flags) – should a driver inadvertently overtake another vehicle or vehicles in a yellow flag zone, the place(s) gained should be surrendered once the yellow flag zone has ended and when safe to do so. If a driver inadvertently overtakes another vehicle or vehicles under Safety Car conditions, the place(s) gained should be surrendered at the earliest opportunity and when safe to do so.


Yellow Flags – they mean danger – reduce your speed. Overtaking is forbidden from the first yellow flag you pass through until you pass the green flag. WHEN YELLOW FLAGS (INCLUDING SAFETY CAR BOARDS) ARE SHOWN, DRIVERS MUST SLOW DOWN. IF DOUBLE YELLOW FLAGS ARE SHOWN, DRIVERS MUST REDUCE SPEED AND BE PREPARED TO CHANGE DIRECTION OR STOP. It is the onus of each driver to prove that they have slowed down; the best way to do this is by not setting a meaningful lap time.

Gravel Traps – any driver entering a gravel trap and re-joining must avoid bringing gravel onto the racing line. Any driver ignoring this instruction may be penalised.

  • In Qualifying, any vehicle that drives through and out of a gravel trap must go directly to the pits to be checked before continuing the session.
  • In the Racing, any vehicle that drives through and out of a gravel trap must re-enter the track off the racing line and avoid depositing gravel on the racing line.

Blue Flags – a stationary flag indicates a car is following closely, and if waved, a car is attempting to overtake. The onus is on the driver trying to overtake to execute the overtake safely. It is recommended that the driver of the vehicle being overtaken does not deviate from their usual racing line.

Incidents / Behaviour – incidents reported by officials and marshals will be investigated. If you wish to report an incident, evidence of poor driving, or behaviour, please see one of the CTCRC Clerks. If you are called to see the Clerk about an incident you were involved with or wish to make an informal report of an incident, please bring your SD video card and a device (laptop/tablet) to display relevant footage. If you are involved in an incident, DO NOT leave the circuit before checking in with a CTCRC Clerk.

Respect – Motorsport UK’s Respect Code https://www.motorsportuk.org/racewithrespect/ champions a high standard of behaviour from everyone within the motorsport community underpinned by MSUK’s commitment to making motorsport an inclusive and safe sport for everyone. Please show respect to your fellow competitors whilst driving on track, in parc fermé and the paddock.

Your Responsibilities – you are reminded that you are responsible for the actions of people associated with your entry, including team members, family, and guests. Please ensure everyone follows the regulations in force. To ensure the safety of children, they must always be supervised by a responsible adult. 

Andrew Outterside
CTCRC Clerk of the Course