​Group 1 Touring Cars

Group One Touring Cars are saloon cars marketed before 1st January 1983 of which more than 5000 examples were manufactured in any 12 month period during the overall production run and/or were homologated by the FIA for competition in Group One category for production cars prior to that date.

Pre83 Touring Car Championship
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The ​car specifications are as follows:

Engine: All engine components are free providing the requirements of Championship Regulations are respected.

Gearbox: Vehicles must use either the original production type of gearbox or the homologated alternative.

Brakes: Brake systems are free provided that Championship Regulations are respected.

Suspension: Suspension type as fitted by the manufacturer must remain unaltered.

Tyres: List 1A/1B/1C are allowed

The ​class ​structure is as follows:

Class A

​Over 3551cc

Class ​B

​​2501 – 3550cc

Class ​C

​1601 – 2500cc

Class ​D

​1301 – 1600cc

Class ​E

​0 – 1300cc