There are a multitude of different formulae to choose from when the decision has been made to go racing, but for the enthusiast looking for circuit racing excitement you should look no further than the CTCRC.

We cater for all saloon cars, from Hillman Imps, and Morris Minor's to a Chevrolet Camaro or Mustang, from VW Golf Gti's and XR3I's to BMW M3’s and Sierra Cosworths and V12 Jaguars, and now Peugeot 206's in our championships which range from pre-1966 to pre-2005. For the more highly modified cars we have Classic Thunder and the Ford based BOSS series.

But first there's still some racing formalities to complete.

Initial Preparation:

Get a starter Pack and Application Form from the Motor Sports Association (Tel: 01753 765000) or the ARDS school

For most forms of motorsport you have to be over 17 years of age and hold a road traffic driving license or be 16 years old with at least one year's experience in Karting. Current starter pack cost is £62.00.

Arrange with your Doctor to have the race medical checks required by the application form. After a careful study of the pack, go for your half-day introduction course at one of the approved Circuit schools, which concludes with the aptitude/safety test which you need to pass in order to apply for your novices license. This includes a written test.

It will have cost you at least £400 to get this far.

Finding a Series:

For 2017 the CTCRC are running te championships for saloon cars from Pre-1966, all the way to Pre 2005. Each has approximately 14 Championship rounds held at all the top circuits every season. All the championships benefit from the usual CTCRC advantages:

  • Wide range of eligible road cars at affordable prices. Sensible technical regulations ensure a reasonable level of competitiveness and need not cost the earth when preparing a car.
  • Our cars don't become obsolete. You can develop your car over a number of years, confident that no new model is suddenly going to blow it away.
  • Our cars don't depreciate – unless you hit something!

To proceed contact our club registrar 07814 052142 and join the club. Return your registration forms to us and we will return your championship and club registration card. Don’t forget to fill in and return the back page from the technical regulations to the BARC – they will then send you your race entry forms.

Finding a car:

Your choices at this stage are twofold – you can either prepare a road car from scratch, or purchase a ready prepared race car. There are many advantages to the latter, and this web site and the club magazine have details of race cars offered for sale by members. If you buy a ready prepared and raced car not only will you not have to put so much time into the car, but you also don't need to spend a penny on it until you can match the previous owners lap times!

If you buy a car from outside the club, try and buy the car from Parc Ferme at it's last outing – it is not unknown for unscrupulous owners to unbolt the ‘trick’ components when offering a car for sale. Also ensure you take a knowledgeable expert with you, someone who can tell if that rose joint is past it's best or not.

If you feel you are experienced enough and choose to prepare your own car, the blue book and the series technical regulations can guide you with do’s and don’ts. These will include the addition of laminated windscreens, rollcages, onboard fire extinguisher, racing seat installation and external ignition cut-out.

The Driver:

The driver will require an MSA approved racing suit, helmet, gloves, boots, while socks, underwear and balaclava are recommended. It is wise to buy the best you can afford with these items. Remember each layer will give you around 5 seconds if the worst happens and there is a fire – a 3 layer nomex FIA suit will give you 15, plus 5 for underwear so don't skimp. A baggy suit will insulate you more effectively too. Ensure your helmet is of as good a quality as you can afford too – you only have one head after all!

As a guide, good overalls can be purchased for around £300, and a helmet for £250. Ensure they carry the correct labels for MSA approval prior to purchase.

The checking of the driver's racewear will occur in safety scrutineering on race day so remember to take them with you. If your helmet is unused, and scrutineer approves it after a check for knocks and scrapes, he gives you a sticker to go on the helmet (the charge for this is £2.50). This sticker is then checked as you form on the grid to ensure all drivers are wearing the correct helmets.

Race Costs:

Once you've acquired your race licence, your car, and you've registered for the championships you're ready to race!

Each race entry will cost you roughly £325.00 for a double header and that will include one qualifying session and two races. Over and above that you'll have the costs of preparing your car which will vary greatly according to the type of car and state of tune.

Check out the cars competing in any of the CTCRC's events and you'll see that all of our Championships offer the chance to produce a racer which looks, and goes well at a reasonable price. There are a host of categories and Championships beckoning the new entrant, but we think our formula works very well for the club racer and enthusiast. Those who've tried it over the years seem to agree, because many of them have been with the club for many years.

Once you've completed those first ten laps though, you'll be on cloud nine, for a week at least!

Our Registrar can provide more details about joining the CTCRC.
Call us on 07814 052142 or register online.

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