Classic & Historic Thunder Saloons

​Classic Modified Saloons are 2WD & 4WD Saloon, Coupe, Hatchbacks and Estate cars based on a standard steel production shell which was marketed before 2011. Cars not complying with these criteria may be eligible, subject to CTCRC Committee approval.

The Thunder Saloon Championship is for competitors participating in Saloon, Coupe, Hatchback and Estate cars based on the standard fibreglass or steel production shell and designed to carry at least four people which were marketed before 1st January 2011 and Historic Thunder Saloon Cars marketed before 1st January 1983.

Thunder Saloons Touring Car Championship
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The ​car specifications are as follows:

​Engine: ​All internal engine components are free.

Gearbox: Clutch and clutch operating system is free but electronic operation is prohibited unless fitted as standard.

Brakes: Brake systems are free provided that Championship Regulations are respected.

Suspension: Suspension is free provided that Championship Regulations are respected.

Tyres: Must fit within the confines of the bodywork in accordance with MSA regulations.

The ​class ​structure is as follows:

Class A4

All four-wheel drive forced induction system cars up to a maximum of 2200cc

Class A

All two-wheel drive cars 4000cc and above

Class B

All two-wheel drive cars 3000cc to 3999cc

Class C

All two-wheel drive cars 0000cc to 2999cc

Class S

Space frame cars

Class H1

Historic cars 3,300cc and over

Class H2

Historic cars up to a maximum of 3299cc