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  • Membership Application Form 2017

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    I wish to apply for membership of the Classic Saloon Car Club (GB) Ltd., t/a the Classic Touring Car Racing Club. I declare that I have been given the opportunity to read and understood all the rules and regulations, Competition and Technical Regulations, of the Classic Saloon Car Club (GB) Ltd., t/a the Classic Touring Car Racing Club and agree to be bound by them.

    Further I agree to drive at all times with due respect to all other competitors.

    Any application for membership made by a person under the age of 18 years must be countersigned by that person’s parent/ guardian/guarantor whose full names and address shall be given overleaf.

    I have read and understood the conduct section on this membership form and agree to comply at all times.

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  • Expected conduct at CTCRC events

  • As a Member of the CTCRC you will be expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all time when at race meetings. This includes both on and off track and also includes any members of your TEAM who are attending the meeting with you. For the avoidance of doubt ‘team’ refers to anyone associated with you which can be mechanics, supporters, and family.

    There are regulations within the MSA blue book which can result in you losing your licence and the CTCRC are determined to ensure these standards are adhered to.

    By signing the below you, and your ‘team’ agreed to abide by these rules at all time when at a circuit. Failure to comply can bring race suspensions by BARC/CTCRC and you also being reported to the Clerk of the Course.

    There are procedures in place to resolve grievances so please use them. Relevant MSA references:

    Section A Code of Conduct
    10.1. The Motor Sports Association expects Competitors, and their associates, at all times to: 10.1.1. Abide by the MSA regulations. 10.1.2. Respect the decisions of event officials. 10.1.3. Treat all competitors, marshals and officials equally with respect. 10.1.4. Maintain the highest standards of driving behaviour. 10.1.5. Conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times and always behave in the best interests of UK motorsport.

    Section C
    1.1. Each of the following is a breach of these Regulations and/or Supplementary Regulations and will lead to disciplinary action being taken. 1.1.9. Abusive language or behaviour, physical assault, or threats of physical assault within the area under control of the Organising Club. 2.6.2. For offences involving abusive language or behaviour, physical assault or threat of physical assault, the Stewards of Stewards of the Meeting after holding an enquiry can impose an immediate suspension of licence for up to 30 days. On imposing such a sentence, the Stewards should confiscate the Licence of the person concerned which will be forwarded to the MSA, together with a report on the enquiry.

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