CTCRC/BARC Weekend Membership


Weekend Membership is a temporary membership for competitors wishing to race with the CTCRC who do not want to take out full annual membership. Each weekend membership will be priced at £60 per weekend.

CTCRC weekend membership includes BARC weekend membership.

CTCRC weekend members will run as Class Guest (W).

Please note Weekend members will NOT receive a membership number or card/welcome pack.

Weekend Members will not be entitled to championship points or silverware.

There is a maximum of three weekend memberships per season.

Registration Process

  1. Complete the CTCRC registration form
  2. Pay your fee
  3. Await confirmation email from CTCRC
  4. CTCRC Inform BARC of your membership
  5. BARC will then send you an email inviting you to register to race

Car Registration


Weekend/Guest members do not require CTCRC championship decals.

2nd Drivers/Car Sharing 

Both drivers are required to have CTCRC membership.

Race Numbers 

The race number is assigned to the car and not the driver.

Please note that with combined races, some people will not get the race number they would like. Please understand that we have done our best to accommodate each number request submitted to us.