The fruits of nearly 40 Light years’ work

CTCRC Historic Thunder regular Simon Light and his V8-powered Ford Capri are the subject of a three-page feature in this week’s Autosport magazine (issue dated 18 April 2024).

The car’s history extends nearly 40 years as Simon – together with friend John Hutson and, more recently, son George and nephew Zeb – have gradually developed it from a Road Saloon in the 1980s to its current heavily-modified state.

From fabrication to engines and every bit of engineering in between, almost all the work has been done in-house in a single garage.

The result is a fine example of true clubman spirit and engineering, a credit to Simon.

The article brings well-deserved recognition to Simon and his car as well as shining a light on one example of the many fantastic cars regularly in action at CTCRC events.

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