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Latest News and Updates

2015 Sporting and Technical Regulations

Draft regulations, subject to MSA approval. Final version will be issued in the New Year.


Membership Application Form 2015

Dinner Dance & Awards Ceremony
Saturday 31st January 2015

The Daventry Court Hotel, Daventry, Northamptonshire.

Guest Speaker • Awards Ceremony • Free Raffle • Disco

Details and bookform from the link below.

New Sponsor Announcement

The CTCRC would like to thank Andy Smith of VTEC Direct for their sponsorship of the new Pre 2003 Series in 2015.

VTEC Direct CTCRC Pre 2003 Series Sponsor


Spa Francorchamps 2014

Video: APS Racing UK


Spa Spa Spa Spa Spa

A big thank you to all our club members who travelled to Spa and enjoyed a fantastic weekend’s racing at a truly spectacular venue. Whether you came first or last didn’t really seem to matter, merely the opportunity to race on one of Europe’s best and most challenging circuits was enough for everyone.  

The racing was epic with each Championship round being won by a different person in each category (2005 excepted). Standing on the F1 podium with champagne and the national anthem playing must have been an unforgettable experience. 

Most importantly Andy Davies, who was injured in a huge crash at the top of Eau Rouge, is now back at home with his family. However, he will be flat on his back for a minimum of eight weeks and only allowed to sit up or stand for a maximum of 30 minutes, three times a day!

Tony Palmer

A full report of the meeting will feature in the imminent issue of The Flyer.

Thermex Classic Saloon and Historic Touring Car Championship
Race One
1st Steven Sprigg (Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1); 2nd Richard Sprigg (Ford Anglia 105E); 3rd Tony Preston (Morris Minor).
Class Winners: C, Richard Sprigg; D, Tony Preston; F, Steven Sprigg.
Fastest Lap: Steven Sprigg, 3:16.924 – 128.0 Kph (79.54 Mph).
Track Status: Dry
Race Two
1st Steve Barber (Ford Anglia 105E); 2nd Paul Cooper (Morris Minor); 3rd Tony Warnes (Wolseley 1500 Saloon).
Class Winners: C, Steve Barber; D, Paul Cooper.
Fastest Lap: Richard Sprigg, 3:58.601 – 105.7 Kph (65.68 Mph)
Track Status: Wet

Autoglym Pre ’83 Touring Cars.
Race One
1st David Howard (Jaguar XJ12) X; 2nd Stephen Primett (Ford Escort Mk 1); 3rd William Jenkins (BMW 3.0 CSL).
Class Winners: B, Peter Holton (Rover P6 3500S); C, Stephen Primett; E, Stephen Yates (Ford Escort Mk 111 RS1600); X, William Jenkins.
Fastest lap: Stephen Primett, 2:59.364 – 140.6 Kph (87.36 Mph).
Track Status: Dry
Race Two
1st Nic Strong (Ford Capri); 2nd David Howard; 3rd Alan Greenhalgh (Vauxhall Firenza);
Class Winners: B, Nic Strong; C, Alan Greenhalgh; E, Stephen Yates; X, David Howard.
Fastest Lap: Nic Strong, 3:30.422 – 119.8 Kph (74.44 Mph)
Track Status: Wet

SVG Motorsport Pre ’93 Touring Car Championship
Race One
1st Jim McLoughlin (Ford Sierra Cosworth); 2nd Ray West (BMW M3); 3rd Paul Bellamy (BMW M3).
Class Winners: B, Jim McLoughlin; D, Michael Sheraton (BMW E30); E, Stephen Turner (Honda Civic); X, Sam Clarke         (Jaguar XJS).
Fastest lap: Ray West (BMW M3), 2:50.381 – 148.0 Kph (91.96 Mph).
Track Status: Dry
Race Two
1st Jack Stanford (BMW M3); 2nd Jim McLoughlin; 3rd Dave Hickton (BMW M3) B.
Class Winners: B, Jim McLoughlin; C, Jack Stanford; D, Michael Sheraton; E, Stephen Turner; X, Sam Clarke.
Fastest Lap: Jack Stanford, 3:17.517 – 127.7 Kph (79.35 Mph)
Track Status: Wet

PRG Trailers Thunder Saloon Championship
Race One
1st Andy Robinson (Ford Falcon); 2nd Dave Cockell (Ford Escort Cosworth); 3rd Vaughan Fletcher (Subaru Impreza).
Class Winners: A2, Andy Robinson; A4, Dave Cockell; B, Bradley Gelman (Ford Sierra Cosworth); X, Brett Lidsey (Renault Clio).
Fastest Lap: Andy Robinson, 2:38.861 – 157.3 Kph (97.74 Mph)
Track Status: Dry
Race Two
1st Dave Cockell; 2nd Andy Robinson; 3rd Vaughan Fletcher.
Class Winners: A2, Andy Robinson; A4, Dave Cockell; B, Bradley Gelman; X, Brett Lidsey.
Fastest Lap: Dave Cockell, 2:59.451 – 140.5 Kph (97.30 Mph)
Track Status: Wet

Burton Power Blue Oval Saloon Series
Race One
1st Jason Davies (Ford Sierra Cosworth); 2nd Ashley Bird (Ford Sierra XR4i); 3rd Pantelis (Laki) Christoforou (Ford Escort).
Class Winners: A2, Jason Davies; B, Olly Allen (Ford Fiesta); C, John Edwards-Parton (Ford Fiesta); X, Mark Freemantle (Ford Escort Mk 1).        
Fastest lap: Jason Davies, 2:48.299 – 149.8 Kph (93.08 Mph)
Track Status: Dry
Race Two
1st Olly Allen; 2nd Pantelis (Laki) Christoforou; 3rd Mark Freemantle.
Class Winners: A2, Ashley Bird; B, Olly Allen; C, John Edwards-Parton; X, Mark Freemantle.
Fastest lap: Jason Davies, 3:03.476 – 137.4 Kph (85.38 Mph)
Track Status: Wet

Toyo Tires Pre 2005 Production Touring Car Series
Race One
1st Philip Waller (Peugeot 206 180 gti); 2nd Mohamed Elshimy (Peugeot 206).
Class Winner: A/P, Philip Waller.
Fastest Lap: Philip Waller, 3:15.611 – 128.9 Kph (80.09 Mph)
Track Status: Dry
Race Two
1st Philip Waller; 2nd Mohamed Elshimy.
Class Winner: A/P, Philip Waller.
Fastest Lap: Mohamed Elshimy, 3:41.691 – 113.7 Kph (70.65 Mph)
Track Status: Wet

2015 Race Dates

Provisional Championhip
Results 2014

Congratulations to our 2014 Championship winners.


Tony Preston


Vaughan Fletcher


Olly Allen


Phil Waller


Jim McLoughlin


Steve Primett

2014 Race Results

October 3/5 Spa Francorchamp

The Flyer Magazine, download it here